About Us

About us

Our Story

Early 2017, we started Vastitch with one goal in mind. We wanted to create fun, inspiring, and unique designs that stand out from the crowd. In a world of black boring clothing, we quickly found our way. Today, our products are worn by thousands of strengthened individuals at home, work, studios, gyms, parks, and streets.


Our Products

We deliver high quality apparel designed to stand out and inspire others. We are so confident that you´ll love our products that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee on all our items. Our goal is to create amazing designs that will make you feel empowered and more confident. We innovate and do everything we can to continuously create new and exciting products. But, we are open to suggestions and we would love to hear great ideas in creating new designs.


Our Mission

We want to be your go-to shop for quality apparel in thousands of unique designs that only Vastitch can offer.


Our Socials

We are more than just quality products in unique designs. Our community is getting bigger everyday as we continue to promote personal empowerment. Join us on Facebook or Instagram and discover what you can also achieve.