Why Do You Workout?

Women around the world, women like you, tell themselves that they need to work out to lose 10lb. That their target is losing 10lb and then they’ll feel amazing.
That 10lb is a burden. And it is. Just not in the way you think…
You see, you don’t really want to lose 10lb. Shedding that 10lb isn’t going to make you feel any better. So you shouldn’t build your entire workout around trying to lose 10lb.
Because there is a reason behind that 10lb. And 9 times out of 10, that reason is so incredibly simple you’ll be amazed you’ve never really thought about it…
You want to feel great.
That’s it.
That made up a 10lb goal is all about feeling better about yourself. So get rid of it! Scrap the number and instead concentrate on simply getting stronger, completing more reps, more squats, running longer, jumping higher, and bettering yourself.
And you know what? You’ll feel better than any time you were chasing that 10lb target.
Part of feeling your best is about wearing the best, too. You want clothes that are incredibly comfortable, stylish, and that makes you feel super sexy. Even while you’re working out.
Which is why Vastitch leggings are handmade, 100% made in California and with the best moisture-wicking fabric to give you crazy comfort and fit your body like a glove to highlight your super sexiness.
And remember, next time you’re working out: don’t aim for that number…
Aim for the feeling behind it.

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