Self Care Tips During Quarantine

Emotional and physical health is at risk during the quarantine. But why? Let's face it. Not all of us are used to staying at home. Some spent their whole life doing things outside their home so this current event is a huge adjustment for some.

Here are some of the Self Care Tips During Quarantine:

1. Relax. The first thing you need to do is relax and breathe. By relaxing, you'll be able to think properly and your mind will start to work better. When your mind is at ease, try to list down the things you think are dragging you down and think of possible ways to lift up the mood.

2. Read a book. Your bookshelf is probably full of dust now and is waiting for you! Read a book that's been there for ages – something you already forgot or start something new. Reading a book increase intellectual and mental positivity. Happy reading! 

3. Social media detox and reconnect with family. Our lives have been revolving around social media since it started. Take the opportunity to reconnect physically with your family. Remember, disconnect to reconnect. 

4. Cook something special for yourself. If you're not into cooking, find a good recipe on the internet. Cook your favorite restaurant food, your favorite coffee blend, and something that you've been craving for. Food helps with self-care, plus, your tummy will be very happy! 

5. Exercise. This quarantine doesn't mean we'll be a couch potato. Na-ah! It's time to learn new exercises at home without the use of fancy gyms or workout gear. Exercising will help us control our weight since we've got nothing to do but eat and it'll so improve our mental health and mood. 

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Don't forget to take care of yourself! 

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