Healthy Habits while Staying at Home

In times like this, we have no choice but to stay at home. The safety of everyone is what we all need right now. We can't be selfish, we can't risk anything... and for some people who's life depends on the outside, it's a struggle. 

However, we might need to rethink our ways of living now. We may not be used at home but make this an opportunity to reset. Start living healthy and meditate to have a better outlook on life. Why? All those years, we might have neglected ourselves. Here are some of the healthy habits we can do while staying at home.


Drink plenty of water and staying hydrated is at the top of our personal list. Water has a lot of benefits and it might also help you lose weight and unwanted fat. It helps delivers oxygen throughout our body making us healthier. Hydrating also helps with skin elasticity, flushes body waste, and cleanse the digestive system. Make it a habit to drink water the moment you wake up!    


Breakfast jump-starts our metabolism. It is proven that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why? It helps improves our energy levels and provides beneficial nutrients we can use the whole day. It also improves our memory and concentration throughout the day to avoid being sloppy. Breakfast also reduces our chance of overeating later in the day that would make us gain weight! 


Since we already talked about the breakfast thingy, it is advisable to plan your meals ahead instead of thinking about what to eat on or before each meal. It will only trigger another kind of cravings that would lead you to order fast food or eat unwanted foods such as processed because it is "easier". Plus, it'll save you money in the long run. 


For our mental health, it is recommended to stay offline for quite some time. Why? Social media is a toxic place to hang. Negativity is all over it and might affect your personal, mental, and emotional well-being. If it's urgent to check your email, do so... but make sure to focus on one app and go offline. What can I do without my phone? A lot, actually. Take the time to read a book. It is proven that reading can help strengthen our mental health. Focus on something greater such as rearranging your room based on your liking. Not everything is online... there's a greater life offline.


Take this an opportunity to have a goodnight's sleep and reset your body clock. Sleeping properly and aiming for 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night is beneficial to our body. Fixing your sleep will help you heal any physical issues such as being sloppy and it'll help sharpen your memory and focus. Emotionally, you'll be happier and less grumpy. Who wouldn't want that? But how? Make a schedule and follow it. Sleep and wake up the time every day and you're good to go!


Working 8 hours, 5 days a week is tiring. You'll end up sleep once you get home and wake up to go back to work. Now is the time to know something about yourself. Have you tried baking? How about writing? A new language? Or dancing at the comfort of your home? We might be focused on the work that we don't know what we want anymore. Try and rediscover yourself... it keeps our brain healthier. 


YouTube, Applications via Phone, and blogs offer different kinds of workouts we can do at home. If a gym isn't available or your area isn't allowing roaming or jogging, workout from home is recommended to stay healthy. Find someone at home that can accompany you... or if you're alone, challenge yourself and make it fun! 


Staying at home doesn't necessarily mean we need to just lie on the couch the whole day. There's a lot we can do and it's simple. It'll also help with our mental health which is very important. Physical, mental, and emotional is important. Stay healthy! 



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